Web Development

The degree of experience and expertise that makes Netzen Softech a leader in the web development industry is beyond reproach. Through our extensive and intensive market based researches, we have strategies that enable us to creatively develop e-commerce models and applications such as CMS and shopping cart applications. Having studied the unique needs of web development in the contemporary business and social setups, we have adequate and well skilled human capital that is instrumental in the development of competitively priced and custom built web solutions. Our main focus is you and your business; to ensure that it grows and prospers.

In enhancing the marketability of the web sites we design, we have an array of skills and technologies that we employ. The three basic technologies in our web development arsenal are PHP, .Net and WordPress technologies. The responsibility and duty thus rests on you in the choice of the platform and language through which you want your website to be designed. In the selection of the platform to use, we also play an advisory role to ensure that the aspects of web traffic, upgrade costs and web load are taken into the fold.

The intricacies of programming which the business owners by design may not want to get entangled in, form our core strengths. The tethering of programming practices around the principles of good database management, excellent CSS and varied data display makes us have a good command of the complexities of programming efficiency.

We factor in the bigger picture in our web development efforts by ensuring that the clients’ financial outlay in web marketing campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and PR is not jeopardized by website crashes and too much downtime.

At Netzens Softech we literally walk with the client from the point of idea formation to the ultimate end. We widely consult with our clients in the designing of user interfaces and other structural aspects to ensure that the final products appeals to the clients and receives general acceptability. We pride ourselves in being the best company that has a capacity to handle all your SEO campaigns, web pre-launches and web marketing initiatives. Talk to us we are here for you.