Content Creation

It is pivotal for any website to have a strong content at power with its attractive design & layout to hold the interest of the visitors. People do not visit websites to read but to engage with them. Content creation is thus the key to making them engage & dig deeper into the website. At Netzens, we provide our customers with services specially catering to this crucial demand. We help the customers create such strong content for their websites so as to help pull huge traffic to the site and more importantly help retain them.

We cater to all the content based demands; from technical to non-technical. Our expert team will help you create content that is appealing, consistent and relevant. Following are the broad categories under which we provide our content creation services :

Optimized content: Web content writing is a combination of creative as well as technical writing. The internet is so expansive that even a perfect blend of both these attributes is not sufficient to make your site’s content stand out. For this reason optimized content creation is required. To achieve visibility on search engines, the content of your web pages must contain ranked keyword sets which can be done only through optimized content. We will help you in this regard by showing you how to optimize the earlier content on the site and also create new one.

Blog posts: Blog post is the most convenient tool of getting more and more indexed pages on you website. This in turn is the way for constant updations and thereby carving a path to showing up them in search engines and pulling more traffic to the site. These are engaging pieces of writing which may not be used for direct promotions but are of interest to the masses and so will likely gain attention. The articles and posts should also reflect the website’s ideology and work. We provide professional blogging services to our clients to make use of this indirect online marketing strategy.

Optimized press releases: Press Release is as much an important PR tool for new media and online businesses as it is for other enterprises. Optimized Press Release thus forms an integral part of web content. Issuing press releases on one’s own site as well as distributing them across various other channels attracts relevant attention from targeted industry sources.

Digital Assets: These are resources that work as assets for the website as they are crucial in fueling the marketing and promoting activity. These also help in building authority. Infographics, videos, testimonials and interactive applications are regarded as digital assets of a website. These are informative, engaging and entertaining. People tend to share such sources with others on social media, and thus helping in more masses viewing the site. Our expert services will assist in creating such content that will expand your audience.

Linkbait: Linkbait is the content that has the potential to go viral. Basically, it is content on your own website which on which other sites may create hyperlinks on it. This would happen only if they feel the content to be worthy. There is no sure route to creating a linkable content, but our experts have been long enough in the field to distinguish between an ordinary content from what could be a linkbait.