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October 25, 2017

It is a web world and everyone, we repeat everyone is trapped. What to do? There isn’t any escape, this web supports all the work we do. Be it to invite someone home or call a big business meeting. Yes! When it is about business, world wide web is playing a major role in flourishing it. All the brands, no matter small or large are taking full advantage of the world wide web. So like we need Fashion designers for the development of fashion Industry, Actors for the development of Bollywood industry, we need WEB DEVELOPER for the development of the web industry. Let us read further to know what a web developers responsibilities are.

The main task of a web developer is to develop a web site for two networks, internet which is world wide web and intranet which is a private network. The development of the web can range from developing the simple single page with plain text to most complex internet applications, social network services and electronic business.

There is a long list of task to which web development commonly the developers refers includes,
Web engineering
Web content development
Web design
Client side
Client liaison
Web server
E commerce development
Network security configuration

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Whether the company is large or small, they need developers. The larger ones holds web development teams which may consists of hundreds of web developers following standard method like Agile methodologies for developing sites. Smaller organizations whereas requires a single permanent or contracting developer or they have job positions like graphic designer or information systems technician.

Types of web developer

There are mainly three kinds of web developers specialization and they are:
Front end developers
Back end developers
Full stack developers

Web development as an industry
Web development has been a growing industry after the commercialization of the web. The growth of this industry is by the business wishing to use their websites to sell products and services to their customers.
There are many open source software for the web development and they are,

Another contribution factor to the development of the web industry is the rise of easy to use WYSIWYG web development software, namely, BlueGriffon, AdobeDreamweaver and Microsoft Visual Studio. Though knowledge of HTML or of programming languages is required to use such software.
Web development has also an impact on personal networking and marketing. Websites are no more just tools for work or for commerce though it serve more broadly for social networking and communication. Web sites such as Twitter and Facebook provide users a stage to communicate and organizations with a more interactive and personal way to engage the audience.

Practical web development

Many web developers will have basic interdisciplinary roles including
Web/graphic design
Information architecture
Copy writing/copy editing
Search engine optimization
Mobile responsiveness

This is a process of evaluation of a system or its component if it is satisfying the specific requirements or not. Testing is simply executing a system to verify any errors, gaps or missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements.

This is all a web developer is required for. Like a Bollywood industry is futile without Actors, a hospital without doctors and a Arm without soldiers, the same way a web industry without web developers.

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