February 15, 2018

Most common question of a regular internet user is, why our Google ranking keeps on changing? Most probably we suffer from frequent inconstancy in Google ranking of our website. Let’s have some simple methods to make our ranking stable. If you have not got any solution than this is right time to have some. The fluctuation in ranking does not affect your whole performance but it simply effects you. Here we will provide some reasons leading to changes in Google rankings.

The question is very common among the most active internet users. Who keep’s on checking their performance regularly. It makes them disappointed when they see their rank going down than the previous one. It requires a lot of agendas, techniques and hard work to bring your website on a good rank but it really disappoints you when rank goes down and left you again on the same position.

Factors that are responsible for frequently changing search engine results?
Such inconstancy in the rankings is caused by Google algorithms. Such problems can happen daily, weekly or on monthly basis. To resolve this problem firstly you have to understand it completely. We will discuss the most common reasons behind the Google rankings fluctuation on the search engine results.

Google Search Engine’s Algorithm Updates
Changing Algorithms are one of the most common reasons behind fluctuation of your website position. Consider each minor and major updates equally. Undoubtedly, big updates are always announced on a higher level. But, do not ignore small updates. Often, they go unannounced but later they are equally important for your website. That’s why each Google update is important for you so stay up to date for making your site content rich.

Updating the content
Making updates in your content is a good idea. It significantly improve your rankings. But, excessive of changes can work vice versa by dropping your ranking. You can raise your ranking with most suited keywords but excess use have adverse effect too. Most commonly there are chances to loose your good rank.

Technical Issues
Technical issues slows down your website. It can effect your few pages and website crawling. If you had implemented some tricky code and the robot test on your site. It will definitely slow down your website processing. This will restrict the visitors on your site by lowering your rank on the Google. No, one wants to waste their time in a slow processing website.

Inbound Links
This is most common problem for website rank fluctuation. Decline in the number of links presenting your website, can cause a massive drop in the website rank.

Solutions for stopping inconstancy in Google Rankings?
As, you are familiar with the common reasons of fluctuations of rankings. Now, it’s right time to have some solutions to get over the problem. We had listed some best remedies that can help you to eliminate the irritating problem.

Keep regular check on the technical issues. If they appear than resolve them. Make sure about the proper functioning of site. The speed should good as people do not wait too long if the site takes time for loading.
Having links on several pages can prevent your website from ranking fluctuations.
Avoid highly modified rich text on your site and you can also get benefits by using internal linking strategies.
Updating your website and web pages on the regular basis gives you the best results.

In SEO, is Ranking inconstancy normal?
Ranking fluctuation in SEO are one of the most complex things. It is becoming more complicated to understand due to continuous updates in the system. If you are using White hat SEO techniques than these things are very common for you. On the first day you find your website on the first page and on another day it had a fall by shifting to the second page. Most probably, it is all because of Google dancing script. Which decides the ranking of your site. It takes time to understand the importance of your website thus assigning it the page ranking. To get more information about rank fluctuation you can surf youtube videos.

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