SEO basics: For Optimizing Your Site You Need

September 9, 2017

What is SEO?
Simply if you talk about SEO, it is a term that is used for all the procedures you can use to secure the working of your website and the content of the website on search engine results page (SERPs)

The methods you use vary from technical practices you accomplish to do on your website, which in practical terms known as On-Page SEO. The online marketing and promotional activities (social media marketing and Link building) can be used to increase the visibility of the site which is known as Off-Page SEO.

When we discuss about the visibility, we actually mean that how high your website appears in SERP with the use of certain search terms in the organic result. Now, the organic result means that the result that appears without any paid search, it comes naturally. Though paid search is an important and vast part of search engine marketing. We will be discussing them individually in our next blog.

What are the basic criteria search engines follows :

The quality of your content

Have you ever thought about how you post your content ? Do you publish constructive articles and videos or some different type of media that are very well-known and can give you good outcome? If you are writing a content that is considering human being instead of search engine itself, then you are doing a right thing. If we read more about the norms that Google consider then we will know that it is focusing on long-form content that is easily understandable by visitor’s and fulfill their intentions. Basically what you have to do is focus more on user’s experience and mind set instead of focusing on keywords.


When you search something on search engine you get relevant results to your query. From a simple question “ How old is Barack Obama? “ to difficult queries like “ Where to find best restaurant that serves steak”. How and from where search engines provide these results is totally depends on their internal algorithms, which we will never understand but what we can relate to is that there are few factors that influence the results and they all are dependent on relevancy.

Cross-device compatibility

You need to cross check that is your content is optimized for any size of screen or device? You have to keep this in mind that Google has started preferring preferring those designs which are responsive for mobile optimisation.

Site speed

How quickly your website load is crucial for search engine. Google will soon start labelling results which are hosted on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page). So, start checking your webpage load timings to increase your search.

Meta descriptions and title tags

The short paragraph that appears under the page’s URL in the result of search is meta description.

Meta descriptions may not increase or improvise your ranking on the SERP but definitely it’s going to increase the chances of getting clicked by the searchers on your result.

These are some basic criteria we have covered in this article but there is lot more which we will be covering on our next upcoming blogs. Hope you find it useful and get some knowledge about SEO.

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