How To Improve Your Site’s Performance When Using GIFs

January 24, 2018


GIFs are one of the oldest formats which are still using the individual because of the simplicity and awesome functionality. You can definitely improve the website’s performance by utilizing GIFs in less time. it had been used for almost two decades but now, the little changes happen in the format. GIFs are the amazing way which attracts the attention of the people and target the audience. When it will grab the attention of the individual, your site gets improved automatically. Here we are with some points to modify the website performance while using GIFs.

What are GIFs?

GIF is a small category and the full form is Graphic Interchange Format. It is a bitmap image format which was formulated by Steve Wilhite in 1987. These were used because of the broad movability and help. This format operates up to 8 pixels of every image, which allow only one picture to mention its own range of up to 256 colours selected from the 24-bit RGB colour space. Beside this, it also accepts animation and a separate palette of 256 colours for every frame.

Advantages of using GIFs

Today, GIFs are highly used by several sites, social media website and much more but earlier they were not in much use. Now, you can see these GIFs almost every-place. On the internet animated GIFs are utilized on a big scale. Some of the advantages of the GIFs are mentioned below.
* If you have the order of images then you can simply and easily make GIFs.
* They do not ask for the internet browser to have a plugin.
* One of the best advantages is that they have a lossless encoding by which the images can be decreased without too much damage.
* Animated GIFs are very little in use as they are pretty easy to make.
* Another leading advantage is that they are utilized and supported by each network browser.

Steps to increase site’s performance by using GIFs

Inappropriate utilization of the GIFs can destroy your site’s demonstration and reputation yet. They will able to make your website heavy to load which result in the reason for low execution. Proper improvement and utilization of GIFs are highly essential. Here are some tips which are mentioned below helps in implement to modify your site’s presentation by using GIFs.


Compression is the great efficient and popular way to modify the GIFs. Even so, there are various ways which can help you to compress the files of GIFs. Have a look.

  • Lossless is the way in which compression is finished by safekeeping the collection of the parent GIF. Simply, you can utilise the parent file whenever necessary. You can simply do the alteration which you have made before. This is one of the secure ways to compress files.
  • Lossy is the perfect alternation of the lossless which the name depicts. It helps in bringing the weight of file less. By this way, you finish the calculation of the images.

Convert it to PNG

Besides other methods of optimization, converting GIFs into PNG is one of the easiest ways to do. You can do that without changing the quality of the picture. Transformation can be done simply if you precede the right way.

Earlier said that GIFs are the great method which can better the quality of the website instantly. These are very attractive and useful. So, try to follow these steps which will help you in the improvement of the website by utilization of GIFs.

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